Repathis Trademark Usage Guidelines

All organizations or individuals utilizing Repathis brand and product names in print or digital materials must adhere to the following trademark usage guidelines:

  • Each product name should appear with the appropriate trademark symbol, name, and a common noun descriptor in its first mention within a document or in its first mention on each web page.
    First Use Appropriate Common Noun Descriptors Second Use
    Repathis Revive® software, solution, system, program, technology Revive
    Repathis Work Instructions software, solution, system, program, technology, tool, application, app Work Instructions
  • When used in print, trademarks must always be distinguished from other words with appropriate capitalization and symbol.
    • Incorrect: The revive software puts manufacturing first.
    • Correct: The Revive® software puts manufacturing first.
  • Never use a plural or possessive form of the product name.
    • Incorrect: Multiple Revives can be setup.
    • Correct: Multiple instances of Revive can be setup.
    • Incorrect: You'll love Revive's diverse capabilities.
    • Correct: You'll love the diverse capabilities of Revive software.
  • When referring to Repathis, Inc. as an organization rather than a Repathis brand, trademark rules do not apply.
    • For example, when referring to the organization rather than a Repathis-brand product or service, you may use the possessive form of the name. You also do not need to use trademark symbols when referencing the organization rather than Repathis-brand products or services.
    • Correct: Repathis' software solutions are user-friendly.
    • Incorrect: Repathis® has built a variety of programs to fit every need of manufacturers.
    • Correct: Repathis has built a variety of programs to fit every need of manufacturers.
  • Do not vary Repathis trademarks by changing their spelling or abbreviating them.
    • Incorrect: WI or WorkInst
    • Correct: Work Instructions
  • Do not apply Repathis trademarks on third party software products without authority, even if packaged with Repathis products. Trademarks must not be applied on any product without express written permission of Repathis, Inc. and in no case should a trademark be applied on any product other than genuine Repathis products.
  • Do not assert rights over any Repathis brand/product whether by incorporating a Repathis brand/product into your own product or service names, trademarks, logos, company names, or domain names or seeking a trademark or domain name registration for any term that includes a Repathis brand/product.