Repathis is a software development company specializing in manufacturing information systems. We provide intuitive, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions designed to achieve maximum efficiency across your business.

Our approach is to develop strong mutually trusting relationships with each client; this allows us to be proactive and offer our clients an enhanced peace of mind. We use our experience, commitment to excellence, and passion to deliver customized IT solutions that stand the test-of-time. Our commitment to responsiveness, quality, and ongoing research & development allows us to foster long-term partnerships with clients.


To use our extensive IT experience to discover, develop, and deliver tangible business results with a spirit of excellence, commitment, and integrity. We leverage business research and advanced technology to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust.


To become the premier software company for the manufacturing sector providing intuitive, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions that continually empower an organization's full potential.

Fargo, ND

We are located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie. Home to a large Microsoft campus and three universities that keep the technical workforce populated with young, cutting-edge talent.